The universe of the drone is located in the computing frontiers, electronics, aeronautics and photography. Many universes very techniques I'll try to explain the basics in a few key words.

  • The types of aerial drones

    which can be brought to be used are mainly grouped into 2 categories : multi-rotors or flying wings. Among the multi-rotors we'll find quad-copters (4 engines), les hexa-copters (6 engines) les eight-copters (8 engines) to name only the main. The greatest problem of the drone is the weight. Dronotique operates for now a quad-copter, the Alfonce X500 capable of transporting a load of about 1kg for an unladen weight of 1.5Kg. The flying wings can treat much larger areas, at the expense of implementing more complex.

  • The orthophotographies

    are photos “top view” the surface of the Earth, mostly geo-referenced. This is the type of view that you use when you activate the record “satellite” in your Navigation GPS.

  • The photogrammetry

    which is the technique used, from a series of photographs, in 2 so dimensions, the same subject, to reconstruct a 3D scene. This allows the production of digital surface models or 3D modeling objects. Here is the link to the page Wikipedia which deals with the subject.

  • The Model Digital Surface (MNS)

    is a graphical 3D representation of the surface of your land. Unlike the Digital Terrain Model (MNT), MNS takes into account the vegetation and existing buildings.

  • The photo 360°

    creates panoramic photos 360 ° in all directions. also there is used an assembly of several photos of the same scene. However the techniques of shooting and post-processing are totally different.

  • The multispectral photography

    adds the near infrared light spectrum. The level of reflection of that part of the light spectrum by plants is a healthy indicator plant. This technique can be combined with photogrammetry or orthophoto, to get detailed maps and geo-referenced health of entire fields.

  • The thermophotographie

    uses a different band portion of the infrared spectrum, which requires expensive sensors. These sensors allow to take colorful photos depending on the heat of each point. Dronotique chose not to buy such a sensor, but can rent one according to your needs.