Alfonce X500 – Quadcopter approved DGAC S1, S2 and S3

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Drone quad-copter, also called quadrirotor, capable of carrying a compact camera in a gyro-stabilized pod 2 while respecting the legal limit axes 2kg scenario S3. It is approved for the following scenarios based on its take-off weight :

    • S1 : 3kg
    • S2 : 3kg (H<50m) or 2kg (H<150m)
    • non-captive S3 : 2 kg

To maintain this weight limit, carbon has been widely used, which gives the frame a high rigidity.

This drone was conceived goshawks open-source technologies such as Pixhawk, ArduPilot or ESC Bheli allowing to adapt and evolve it your way. All connectors are standard, you can adapt and add accessories from various brands. No wires are hidden, Easy care and maintenance.

The drone is controllable via a remote control (However, a standard Radiolink II AT10 other models can be adapted) and / or via a computer thanks to its 433MHz connection and software Mission Planner.

Back video camera and / or a mini camera FPV.

Alfonce The X500 is equipped in series of a Lidar permettant him a great precision lors de vols low altitude (<5m).

For use with software such as Mission Planner.

Ideal for equity type aerial views :

    • Photogrammetry with modern sensors compact cameras

Main characteristics :

    • Unloaded weight (without battery) : <1.1kg
    • Payload
      • theoretical maximum : 1.5kg
      • maximum recommended : 1kg
      • recommended : 0.6kg
    • 4S batteries : 4500Recommended mAh 40C (+/- 500g)
    • duration of hovering vacuum : ~ 15min

It embeds drone Arducopter (ArduPilot) and is compatible with Mission Planner

Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Ready to fly (RTF)/Not

Without remote control or battery, With remote control 1 drums


without Platform, With Platform Alfonce Due Light


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