Alfonce H960 – Drone Approved S1 and S2 12kg

6 000,00

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L & rsquo; Alfonce H960 is a hexacopter (6 engines) approved by the DGAC flight scenarios :

  • S1 : sight within 200m and 150m d & rsquo; altitude
  • S2 : out of view at 1000m 50m and d & rsquo; altitude

All for a total weight of 12kg maximum takeoff.

It integrates the latest flight controller Holybro, the Pixhawk 4 based on the latest version (FMUv5).

It is equipped as standard with the following sensors :

  • GPS : Compatible Galileo for greater accuracy
  • Lidar : from 0.30m to 7m to manage the phase & rsquo; landing and low-level flights
  • mini camera : in FPV mode to visualize the course of the drone, even when & rsquo; it out of sight
  • telemetry : 433MHz with computer connection or tablet / smartphone

Optional, many sensors and accessories can be installed, such as : gyro-stabilized pod, Alfonce Remote Gateway, magnetic sensors (in partnership with Georeva), GPS uBlox M8T chip to d & rsquo; get a centimetric positioning (PP accused / RTK) …

In the ground station term & rsquo; Alfonce H960

  • comes with a remote Radiolink AT10II 12 canals. D & rsquo; other remote controls can be integrated on request.
  • usable with software Mission Planner (Windows) and QGroundControl (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS)

Ce drone embarque Arducopter (Ardupilot) et est compatible avec Mission Planner or QGrounControl


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