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New engine shutdown module

Dronotique designed and developed to an engine shutdown module (until 8 engines) drone to meet current regulations in terms of third protection device, but also the future regulation in terms of sound signaling device

The device also has a deployment functionality of a parachute or simultaneously with an adjustable delay

Module failure engines (until 8) with autonomous management of the parachute release

This engine shutdown module, also called third protection device, is also prepared for the new regulations 2019 (draft form to 02/10/2018) with its 110dB Buzzer.

All specifications are available on the product page : Alfonce Engine Stopper

Other related items are under development, such as :

  • A housing for this engine shutdown module
  • A remote control based on the protocol LoRa, announcing a range of up 7km
  • An add control loss detection, to automate the initiation of the engine cut-off and the parachute

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