The HANGI drone developed by Inanix (Dronotique) awarded by the Minister of the Armed Forces

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HANGI drone at the Audacity Prize
Hangi Drone at the Audacity Prize

The 19 more 2021 Florence Parly handed over the Audacity Award at 4 gendarmes of the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) for the HANGI drone designed and developed in partnership with Inanix (ex Dronotique).

It is an indoor airship type drone, the main characteristic of which is not to emit downward air flow. I thus allows not to modify the crime scene.

It is equipped with a 5MPx adjustable fish-eye type wide-angle camera offering a 360 degrees over 90.

Remote piloting is carried out using immersion glasses, low latency HD video transmission and head-up display (SKIN) presenting the main flight information.

All communications are encrypted.

Videos are post-processed to generate immersive videos at 360 degrees.

The system is delivered in a waterproof transport case to military standards including all the necessary elements for implementation : Helium bottle, inflation system, weighing system, immersion telescope, chargers…

Inanix developed all the elements :

  • IT development
    • Ardupilot firmware customization (
    • Real-time video feedback visualization software, including in virtual view
    • Head-up display
    • Video to immersive video conversion system at 360 degrees
    • Viewing interface for post-processed videos
  • Design and 3D printing of the drone chassis
  • Drone / pilot station link computer system, video post-processing and viewing
  • Carrying case and stand-alone computer case

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