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Version 1.22 (15/12/2020)


Release Notes

  • Added a script to configure the GPS in 5Hz and 115200 bauds in anticipation of compatibility with the European identification system
  • Correction on the baud rates of the automatic protocol detection script

V1.2 22/09/2020

Release Notes

  • Added automatic protocol detection script (NMEA/Mavlink) in order to allow the use of the same device on drones of different configurations
    • Supports NMEA protocols (priority) ou Mavlink
    • Supports baud rates 9600, 57600, 115200, 38400, 4800
  • Optimization of the bridge between 2 ports UART
  • Optimization of the sending of signaling frames in case of high speed (> 20m/s)
  • Use of 2 controller cores for better performance
  • Improved Mavlink protocol support

Version 1.10 (15/07/2020)

Release Notes

  • Added remote interrogation features via Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Added remote firmware update functionality (OTA)