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Page 3/4G Modem

This page allows you to configure the use of a USB 3G modem type or 4G.

Currently only the key “Qualcomm, Inc. Siemens SG75”, optionally supplied with the Remote Gateway Alfonce, was tested. Most other keys should however operate.

Configuring the connection to the mobile network

It is not expected before the procedure cope PIN SIM. We must insert your SIM card in a device with this feature (like a mobile phone) and disable the PIN entry at startup.

  • Select from the dropdown list your USB device
  • Select your telephone company in the second list
    • Operators are sorted by country
    • It may be that there are several elements to your operator. In this case try them all.
  • APN settings below should automatically update.
  • If you can not find your camera in the list or the APN settings you seem wrong, you can change
  • If you want the connection to 3 / 4G is launched at startup of Alfonce Remote Gateway, Check the box
  • Finally, click on “Update Configuration”

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