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Access to the management interface

To access the Alfonce Remote Gateway Management Interface, it is necessary :

  • You connect to the WiFi network name “AlfonceRemote”
    • Login is “Alfonce” and password “alfonce555”
    • You can change these authentication parameter in interface
  • Access will be by opening your browser at

The menu on the left allows you to access the main functions :

  • Configurator : device configuration / cameras, liveview, filters, and outgoing connections Mavlink
  • Wifi Client dashboard : information about the wifi client connection
  • Configure Wifi Client : allows you to connect to other wireless networks, such as cameras Wifi.
  • Configure Hotspot : you will find settings to configure the wireless access point
  • 3/4G Modem : to configure a modem 3 / 4G as a USB key 4G
  • Configure Open VPN : configuration d’Open VPN en mode client
  • Configure Auth : manages secure access to this interface
  • Data usage : statistics on the use of WiFi
  • Update : allows to update the interface and the software part
  • System : an indicator of overall system

There is not at present verification of data entered. It belongs to you, for example, verify that you declare ports unique way networks.

We do not have backdoors (back doors) Devices. A network misconfiguration can make you lose the connection to the Remote Gateway Alfonce. We can not reactivate remote.

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