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Connect to a live view

Depending on the type of LiveView you set, the connection method changes.

Currently 2 LiveView types are available : VIDEO_OUT et HTTP_MJPEG. Two other types are under development : UDP et RTSP.

Liveview de type VIDEO_OUT

This type of LiveView involves connecting a screen or a wireless video transmitter HDMI interfaces Video Out jack of Alfonce Remote Gateway.

It can be such a transmission device wireless 5.8GHz. The connection to your ground station therefore depends on the device you have set up.

Liveview de type HTTP_MJPEG

You can access your live view directly in a browser, video streaming software (VLC advisable) or ground station software.

The address your device will depend on the type of network connection that you have set up

The port will depend on him to configure the live view you have seized.

By default, The LiveView will be available at

You can open the LiveView on multiple devices such as your computer ground station and a ground pad, or even a remote computer using the network 3 / 4G mobile.


Open your browser and just enter the LiveView in the address bar.


Once started VLC, go to the menu “Mediation> Open Network Stream…”

Connecting to a live view with VLC
  • Enter the address of your LiveView
  • Click on “View more options
  • reduce to 0 the “Caching” in order to limit latency
  • Click on “Read”

Mission Planner

In Mission Planner, right click on the insert HUD then the context menu that is opened select “Video->Set MJPEG source” and then enter the address of your LiveView you set.

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