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Introduction to the management of cameras and cameras

The Alfonce Remote Gateway manages dozens of cameras and camera via several interfaces and protocols :

  • USB : PTP, UVC (Webcam)
  • Wifi : Sony Wifi , Mapir Survey 3, MJPEG et RTSP
  • Virtual : This is a virtual camera that takes the video stream of a live view configured with its pool filters. This allows to factor treatments for common filters between several LiveView and thus improve performance

The features implemented mainly depend on the options proposed by the connected device.

  • Photo taking
  • Start and stop video
  • Zoom

It is possible to manage multiple devices and cameras simultaneously.

Each device can be associated to 1 or more liveviews.

Each LiveView it is possible to apply a series of filters

Commands connected devices

Currently the controls connected devices are linked to 3 channels of the radio and communicates with the flight controller via the protocol Mavlink :

  • way 10 : signal PWM > 1500 – Photo endless
  • way 11 :
    • Signal PWM < 1500 : Stop video recording
    • Signal PWM > 1500 : Start video recording
  • way 12 :
    • Signal PWM > 1500 : zoom
    • Signal PWM < 1500 : dezoom

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