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Add and configure a LiveView

The LiveView allows you to access the live video feed from your camera or camera.

Latency (lag) depends largely on the performance of :

  • your device
  • Connection Type
  • filters and quantity

Many camera, of LiveView and filters can also significantly slow down the system.

Adding a LiveView

At the desired camera, click on the button “Add liveview”, a modal window opens.

You must select the type of LiveView among 2 values :

  • VIDEO_OUT : allows to exploit HDMI and Video Out of Alfonce Remote Gateway
  • HTTP_MJPEG : provides a live view via WiFi or Internet.
    • for HTTP_MJPEG you will be asked to enter an HTTP port. We advocate the use of ports 8080 ff
    • Notez que les traitements (filters) ne s’effectuent que si des clients sont connectés au serveur
  • SAVE2FILE : Permet de sauvegarder les images en local (similaire au filtre SAVE_IMG_TO_FILE)
  • NONE : Permet d’effectuer des traitements sur les images sans avoir de sorties. Principalement couplé avec l’utilisation des caméras virtuelles

The lower section allows you to select filters by sliding to the left of the list to the right list

Then click “Add” the bottom of the modal window

Remember to save your configuration and restart your Alfonce Remote Gateway

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