Reporting device

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Comparison of the different versions offered by Dronotique

Find these modules on the page dedicated to electronic reporting devices

Features / modelsSignal XSSignalSignal XL
Integrated batteryNONOptionalYES
Removable baseNONYESYES
Integrated GPSA choiceA choiceA choice
Compatible MAVLINK (ArduPilot/px4)YESYESYES
Dimensions (excluding base and antenna)30x35x10mm40x61x15mm40x61x40mm
Dimensions with integrated GPS30x35x18mm40x61x30mm40x61x55mm
Weight~12g~ 25g~55g
Weight with integrated GPS~20g~ 35g~65g
Compatible signaling ledYESYESYES
Price (from )120 €135 €150€
Comparison of models of electronic signaling device for drones

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