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drones “plane”

Les drones ce ne sont pas que des multicopters…

Here 2 aircraft type UAV high elongation and autonomy, delivered to a customer in Belgium

Drone aircraft twin-engine high elongation and autonomy
Drone aircraft high elongation

The features :

long stretch Module (868Mhz)
Removable and re-mountable without tools

  • 2m wingspan, 4,5kg
  • dual camera objective visible and thermal infrared spectrum, FPV and return type video recording 2 capteurs sur carte SD installé dans un “nez” conçu et imprimé en 3D.
  • About 2 hours of battery life
  • Parachute
  • 1m wingspan, 1,3kg
  • Caméra FPV (numerous other possible cameras)
  • 45min autonomy

Line Arduplane et leur GPS, these aircraft can fly automatically.

And if instead for takeoff and landing lack, why not opt ​​for a vertical takeoff and landing model (VTOL)?

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