Dronotique designs, assemble, operates and markets its own drones, France and more precisely in Rennes, in Brittany.

Our drones and accessories are designed as much as possible in compliance with standards and open source technologies. This helps reduce our production costs and guarantee :

  • full customization,
  • adding items from other brands at lower cost, such as batteries to suit your needs, specific sensors or cameras of any brand
  • easy maintenance

You can download our catalogue PDF or visit our shop :

  • l’Alfonce H960 which is a drone hexacopter (6 engines) approved S1 and S2 for a payload up to 3kg, see a little more!
  • l’Alfonce X500 which is an approved quadcopter drone S1, S2 and S3, allowing the carriage of loads up to about 750g.
  • l’Alfonce X100 which is a MAV to train the drone piloting, while having fun, in his living room with the same remote control that Alfonce X500
  • a gyro-stabilized platform 2 axes suitable for mounting on the Alfonce X500, capable of carrying a camera up to 300g.
  • L’Alfonce Remote Gateway our “companion computer” (onboard computer) with media server functionality (streaming), camera control, connectivity (Wifi, 3/4G, Mavlink) and Computer Vision (Face Detection, reading registrations plates…)
  • L’Alfonce Engine Stopper, a third protection device (engine cut and trigger parachute) compliance with regulations 2017
  • L'Alfonce Signal, a Electronic and Luminous Signaling device in accordance with the decree of 27 December 2019
  • a spray system that accepts any standard aerosol, such as insecticides to destroy the nests of wasps and hornets (in progress)

We can put our skills and experience at your service for embodiment tailor drones or Accessories meet your specific needs.