HANGI Crime Scene Drone in Action

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Discover in the video below the drone which makes it possible to carry out a reconnaissance of a crime scene, while preserving it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = RUkMBIGfij0

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<span class='p-name'>Alfonce Signal – Electronic reporting device</span>
Electronic and light signaling device for drones

Alfonce Signal – Electronic reporting device

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New firmware version (firmware) A new firmware version has been released today. The improvements are numerous such as the automatic detection of the protocol (Mavlink/NMEA) or the use of…

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Alfonce H960 demonstration

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Today demonstration flight of the Alfonce H960 Multicopter (hexacopter) Homologué S1 S2 12kg Arducopter inside https://youtu.be/o0QvW9UiWCU

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Chat online

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Continuing to improve our customer service, we have set up an online chat. You can contact us directly via the icon at the bottom right of your…

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New on the website

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The Dronotique site is evolving and is now equipped : A forum to better answer customer questions.. There are of course no topics at the moment,…

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<span class='p-name'>drones “plane”</span>
Drone aircraft twin-engine high elongation and autonomy

drones “plane”

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Dronotique book 2 drone aircraft type for a client in Belgium

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