Electronic reporting device & luminous

From the 29 June 2020 drones over 800g must be equipped with an electronic and light signaling device conforming tostop of 27 December 2019.

In a way it is a transponder (beacon) for your drone which sends in WiFi the position and the trajectory of the drone, as well as the takeoff point. It allows authorities to remotely identify flying drones and their owners.

One module for both functions !

Dronotique has developed a device combining these two reporting functionalities in a single module.

A device, but several models according to your needs

  • with or without case
  • Internal GPS version, externe ou Mavlink

A comparison of main characteristics different versions is available

So you can adapt it to any medium and easily use it on multiple drones, Dronotique has designed suitable pedestals for fixing on :

  • Les DJI Phantom
  • Arm tubes of a carbon chassis
  • By screw with a center distance of 21mm

Each of these bases is also available in 2 variants : with or without battery.

3D files (size) will be online soon so you can print it in 3D, and even modify them, as much as you want

If you want other types of fixing, contact us or post a message on forums