New on the website

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The Dronotique site is evolving and is now equipped : D'un forum afin de mieux répondre aux questions des clients... Il n'y a bien entendu aucun sujet pour le moment,…

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<span class='p-name'>drones “plane”</span>
Drone aircraft twin-engine high elongation and autonomy

drones “plane”

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Dronotique book 2 drone aircraft type for a client in Belgium

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<span class='p-name'>drone frame 3D Modeling</span>
3D modeling of the stiffness of a carbon chassis drone

drone frame 3D Modeling

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Modeling 3 dimensional computer (Computer Aided Design - CAD) allows the study of rigidity, but also the physical constraints that the frame of the drone undergo. Modelization…

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<span class='p-name'>New engine shutdown module</span>
Module failure engines (until 8) with autonomous management of the parachute release

New engine shutdown module

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Dronotique designed and developed to an engine shutdown module (until 8 engines) drone to meet current regulations in terms of third protection device, but also…

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<span class='p-name'>Dronotique serving Geophysics</span>
Scan result of the fault of Pont Péan with a magnetometer mounted on a drone Alfonce X500

Dronotique serving Geophysics

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In partnership with Géoreva, Dronotique conducted a test flight carrying a stereo magnetometer 750g and just over a meter long on Alfonce X500. L'alfonce X500…

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regulatory changes 2018

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Dronotique working hard to implement the regulatory changes that will come into force on 1 July 2018 (effect until 1 January 2019) Including developing modules Audible signaling…

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New “allowed drone” view

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A project that has existed for some time on the shelves appears to emerge. This is a new "allowed drone" which should appear from 1 July 2018.…

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